NHS continuing healthcare, also known as NHS continuing care or “fully funded NHS care”, is free care for outside of hospital that is arranged and funded by the NHS.

This means that you will receive care and support to meet your assessed needs at no cost to you.

NHS Continuing Health Care

Dept of Health – Public Information Leaflet

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Transition to Adult services can be a real minefield.  There are several guides available to help you navigate the system.

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Community Treatment Order (CTO) is a legal order made by the Mental Health Review Tribunal or by a Magistrate.

It sets out the terms under which a person must accept medication and therapy, counselling, management, rehabilitation and other services while living in the community.

Rethink – Community Treatment Orders

Mind – Community Treatment Orders

NHS – Community Treatment Orders – Easy Read Version

CQC – Your rights in relation to consent of medication and electro-convulsive therapy (ECT).

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The Mental Health Act 1983 (amended in 2007) is the law in England and Wales that allows people with a ‘mental disorder’ to be admitted to hospital, detained and treated without their consent – either for their own health and safety, or for the protection of other people.

NHS England – Care and Treatment Review

Blue Light Care and Treatment Review

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Going into hospital because of mental health difficulties or challenging behaviours

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