Justice Together is here

Justice Together is here

Justice Together

We know that there are many people and organisations out there with knowledge, experience and advice to offer to families in this kind of crisis, but often the family do not know they exist, so their support comes too late or not at all.

Bringing Us Together and friends want to produce a database of all the support available to families who need help when they are in crisis; whether their child is detained against their will and the will of their families, or if they are involved in a safeguarding incident with a provider/educational provision or if the families themselves are victims of the system.

Search for Support

You can search for support, we have added the people and services who have already subscribed to our site.


Offer your support

You can offer your support and add your own listing to the site.  If you can help a family, be it with practical support, emotional support, a local support group, information on housing, person centred work, legal advice, meditation, direct payment advice, employing or finding a PA or carer.  You can add a listing to the site.  This is free.  There is an option to pay for a featured listing, which will ensure your details are always available on the home page and search page.


Ask or Answer a Question

Sometimes, families just have a quick question, so you can ask them on the site and if they don’t get answered there, we will ask them on your behalf in our Facebook group.



The site is new.  We know what we want it to do but does it work for you?

We really do need your feedback.  Let us know what you like or don’t like.  Tell us what is missing.  Let us know what you would like to see on there.  Your feedback is invaluable to us.


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